6 Reasons why Hurley’s Phantom JJF 3 Boardshorts are the Best

Hurley’s new Phantom JJF 3 Nebula boardshorts reaffirm the company’s status as the world leader in boardshort technology. We took a pair over to Tavarua and they clocked up more hours of wear than anything else in our luggage.

What makes Hurley Phantom JJF 3 boardies so good?

1. The lack of irritating seams

Made from 5 stitched panels, these boardshorts don’t rub and they don’t give you a rash. Cut with laserscopic precision there are no rough edges and you really notice the difference in comfort during heavy use. After surfing 6 hours per day for a week the only rash in sight was on my ribs.


2. 20″ length

The 20″ length means you get sun protection that shorter shorts don’t provide. Sure, stubbies are making a comeback, but for pure functionality you can’t go wrong with slightly longer boardshorts and the coverage they offer your upper thighs. The key to success with longer shorts is flexibility and that brings me to #3 – unbelievable stretch.

3. Unbelievable stretch

No matter how you contort yourself you won’t feel restricted by your Hurley JJF 3 boardies, meaning one less thing to worry about. This is helpful when places like Cloudbreak start doing their beautiful, scary thing.

Simply adjust the Hyperfuse front closure to suit your waistline and you’ll feel like you’re wearing an invisible cloak of cosmic goodness. You may not surf like John John Florence, but you will be as loose and ready for action as you can be.

4. The design

There’s a fine line between cool and garish when it comes to psychedelic, cosmic prints, but Hurley have nailed it with great colour matching and detail. I’m a sucker for this kind of print, so the Nebula model struck a chord immediately. Hurley’s designers are boldly stepping outside the confines of standard boardshort aesthetics (think stripes, crosshatch, palm trees, etc) and with JJF on their team they are the hottest surf brand in the world right now.

The great news is that JJF and Hurley’s product design team have stepped up to the plate as a team, treating consumers to surf action wear with truckloads of innovation, functionality and style.

5. Recycled materials

These boardshorts are comprised of 86% recycled polyester, with the rest being spandex. It’s encouraging to see top tier surf companies releasing quality, sustainable clothing. Eco-boardshorts  are no longer a fad and Hurley are demonstrating how truly high performance gear can be manufactured with an environmental conscience.

The balance between polyester and spandex in the JJF3 boardshorts is just right – these boardshorts feel as silky soft as their less environmentally-friendly predecessors. They also dry in moments, especially under the skin-melting sun of Fiji.

6. Side zip pocket

So unbelievably good. No more sitting on the stuff in your back pocket. The zip is smooth to operate and the pocket is made of mesh material so won’t get bloated. It just works.  img_5951

For more info, check these boardies out on Nike.com and visit the suitably cosmic promo site here.

From Hurley: John John Florence and the evolution of his signature boardshorts

Combining futuristic function and durability, the Hurley JJF 3 Phantom Boardshorts are built with laserscopic precision and state of the art materials to keep up with JJF’s enigmatic abilities in the ocean. Overseen by John John Florence from start to finish, the Hurley Phantom JJF 3 Boardshorts advanced innovation and aesthetic offer a window into JJF’s restless mind. They are a direct extension of John’s brilliance in the ocean and are as authentic and original as he is out of the water.

“They need to hold up in every condition.  Eight hours a day,” Florence explains.  To do this, Hurley utilised a new Phantom durable stretch material. It’s a heavier fabric with more stretch that provides strength without sacrificing performance in powerful ocean conditions.

Hurley Phantom JJF3 Boardshorts
Environmental Impact
Comfortable, rash-free surfing
Lightweight and fast drying
Excellent design
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