Active in Paradise: Lululemon Women’s Swimwear

Lululemon are famous for their yoga and running wear, and for good reason. The quality and design of their clothing is unrivalled, and this has earned them a passionate following of yogis, activewear fashionistas, runners, hikers, gym goers and sporty types around the world. We were excited to discover that this season Lululemon have unveiled a range of swimwear that ticks every box (and more) for the serious surfer and watersport enthusiast.

Lululemon Swimwear

At Surfd we’re big fans of Lululemon because they care about their customers and they care about their supply chain. They design clothes that last. It’s mindful clothing manufacture on a global scale, and they’ve remained true to their philosophy, which is to be curious, innovative and to create a positive social impact.

This is a breathe of fresh air for consumers in the surfing world, who are looking for alternatives to the big surf brands. It’s about time that someone takes up the challenge of innovating swimwear, and who better to shake up the industry than Lululemon.

A Trip to Fiji

Tavarua Island in Fiji is the ultimate surfing playground. Within a 3 mile radius you have some of the world’s most challenging and fun waves, each vying for every visiting surfer’s precious water time. From Cloudbreak to Restaurants, Swimming Pools to Tavarua Rights, what better place for surfer girl, surf artist, cookbook author and traveller, Geniya Ignatova, to test out the latest Lululemon swimwear range.

Per-fect Paddle Suit

From the moment she pulled it on, the Per-fect Paddle Suit was without a doubt Geniya’s new favourite surf swimsuit. The perforations look incredibly stylish – yet they are functional, designed to allow water flow through the garment, and to reduce drag.

Lululemon demonstrate their depth by creating swimwear that can match the challenges a sport like surfing presents.

Geniya’s comments:

So comfortable that I can walk around in it all day. The material keeps you warm and deflects wind chill, so it’s like a mini-wetsuit for the tropics.


Go With The Flow High Waist and Go With The Flow Top

A retro spin on bikini bottoms that got plenty of compliments around the pool. But beyond the aesthetics, all surfer girls will appreciate the extra coverage and comfort that the Go With The Flow High Waist bottoms provide. Gone are the days of bikini bottom mishaps, so hit the surf with confidence and find your flow.lululemon-bikini

The Go With the Flow top highlights Lululemon’s ability to fuse form and function into products that can withstand serious sporting challenges while looking amazing. You’d never guess that this combination is serious sportswear. That’s the beauty of it.

Geniya’s comments:

This outfit is just too cute. I love the comfort and security, especially when the surf gets bigger.


Tidal Flow Net Top and Full Bottom

Classic design that can hold its place everywhere from a 5 star resort to an Olympic swimming pool, The Tidal Flow combination are Lululemon at their best. Beautiful clothing that enables you to embrace your life with passion.

Geniya went snorkelling over Tavarua Island’s abundant coral gardens and found the Tidal Flow bikini flexible, functional and comfortable. However, it’s anything but boring, with a net back that looks sexy and refined. Best of all, the four-way stretch Aquelu™ fabric is made with post-consumer waste nylon. This piece has a UPF of 50+ and uses Xtra Life LYCRA® fibre for improved chlorine and salt resistance.

Just like Lululemon’s famous yoga wear, these items are designed to last. They’ll be your favourites for years to come.

Geniya’s comments:

I love the netting design and security of the top. It will never fall off or let you down. And reversible bottoms – two bikinis in one!


To check out the full range of Lululemon swimwear visit Lululemon’s Australia website.

Lululemon Women's Swimwear
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