Review: Isurus Alpha Elite 232 Wetsuit

The Isurus Alpha Elite 232 is a high performance wetsuit built using Japanese Yamamoto Neoprene. It incorporates a number of  innovative design characteristics and has been crafted with extreme attention to detail. The Isurus wetsuit philosophy is based around compression technology, which is used by athletes in a range of sports, from swimming, to athletics, to rugby. Now this kind of technology is available to surfers who are looking to add a spring to their step and improve recovery time.

So let’s take a look at the 5 features we like most about the Isurus Alpha Elite 232.


1) Compression Technology

Integrating compression technology into wetsuit design is highly innovative and I think Isurus have nailed it, creating something unique in a wetsuit market that can be full of acronyms, but lacking in substance.

In my opinion this technology, combined with their Muscle Stabilisation Taping works, and I miss the feel of the Isurus when I use alternative wetsuits.

2) Warmth

This wetsuit is super thin yet matches wetsuits comprised of way more rubber.

3) Dries Really Fast

You’ll read this in comments around the web and I’ll repeat it here. The Isurus is hands-down the fastest drying wetsuit I’ve ever owned.

4) No Seepage

Excellent inner taping results in no pinhole leaks or unexpected flushing.

5) Super Comfortable

Easy to put on and silky smooth to touch, I find the Isurus a breath of fresh air. There’s nothing like having a morning surf and then by afternoon your wetsuit is almost dry and super easy to put on.

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Isurus Alpha Elite 232
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