Superbrand Fling Surfboard Review

The Superbrand Fling is a sporty, high-performance hybrid surfboard, designed for maximum fun in small to medium-sized waves. The Fling is a true utility board, managing to retain a narrow width, by virtue of evenly packed foam, and a surprisingly straight outline. The tail is conservative but functional and the nose culminates in a sharply refined point, allowing for shortboard-like performance on hollow waves.

All things considered, the Fling is a good all-round performance shortboard for surfers looking to have fun without committing to a standard shortboard, or some sort of large, barbarian watercraft.

Highlights of the Fling

  • Superflex Technology construction
  • Nominated as the SIMA Surfboard of the Year for 2013
  • Wide, fishy outline
  • Flat rocker
  • Single to double concave to V tail
  • Designed as a quad but available as a 5 fin
  • Wide rounded diamond tail, similar to the Firewire Potatonator
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Who is the Superbrand Fling for?

I’d recommend the Fling for intermediate to advanced surfers, purely because beginners won’t appreciate the refinements and nuances of this shape. If you are a beginner you’ll much prefer something longer, although if you surf the Fling big enough it’ll certainly be usable. For the rest of us, treat it like any performance hybrid and choose your size based on volume. In my opinion, most average surfers* will be riding it short, around 5’4″ or 5’6″, which is a super fun size for quick rail-to-rail transitions.

* By average, I mean both in size and skill. See the size chart below for the board that is perfect for you.

For an interactive volume calculator visit the Superbranded Calculator.

Ideal Waves for the Fling

The Fling is designed for small to medium-sized waves, but can comfortably handle bigger waves under the feet of an experienced wave-rider. The refined nose means you can guide it into hollow caverns, while the subtle diamond tail provides enough control to pivot the board sharply, especially when the back foot is placed as far back on your tail pad as possible.

I’d recommend this board for summer fun at your local beach break, but also fancy the Fling as a travel board that will be your perfect companion at waves like Balian in Bali. Think long, fat walls with a few steep sections that just beg for a slamming with that lively Superflex mesh surface (more on that shortly).

Once you get accustomed to surfing the Fling, like most of these hybrid shapes, you may well opt to use it most of the time. That’s the effect having more foam under your feet (and belly) tends to have on intermediate surfers.

My favourite session was on a borrowed Fling out in head high mushy conditions. I rode it with a medium quad set up and found that I was doing a lot of pretty extreme floaters that I certainly wouldn’t have attempted or landed on a typical shortboard. A better surfer would have been boosting airs instead of floating the sections.

What made the Fling experience special was the speed through flat sections combined with highly responsive, fast twitch propulsion at the slightest hint of weight transfer. Ride this board with your back foot and you’ll know what I mean.

I’d love to ride the Fling in better conditions, because I have a feeling that despite it looking recently pregnant, with a wide rear-end, it’ll be a little rocket in the barrel.

Who Shapes the Superbrand Fling?

The Fling is shaped by a man named Sparrow and another man called Jason Koons. Sparrow, whose real name is Adam Fletcher, hails from the epicentre of the surfing world, also known as Australia’s Gold Coast. He said, “The competitive nature of the Gold Coast area, paired with some of the best surfers in the world, make for an ideal spot to shape high-performance boards.”

This is true. If you want fast and quality feedback loops for iteration and improvement of a design, then the Gold Coast is a shaper’s paradise.

The Fling front, back and side

What’s the Deal with Superbrand Surfboards?

Self-proclaimed surf fashionistas, Superbrand is hipster surfboard manufacture by guys who can  do bigger airs than you. The company was founded in 2008 by team riders Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, and Ry Craike. We love all three of the Superbrand frontmen, especially Clay because he is a mad cat. Dion Agius will be forever on my mind for showing us how to surf in a desert (in the midst of Russian models).

Here’s what Superbrand say about themselves:

“With roots firmly placed in surf culture, Superbrand creates unique pieces that are forward thinking and that fulfill the wants, needs, ideology and vision of the youth and beyond. We make quality surfboards, and on-trend apparel that is relevant to both surf and fashion circles.”

If, after that, you still want to ride a superbranded chunk of foam then read on!

Some notable milestones:

  • Superbrand run the Shapers Collective, a unique global forum of board builders for collaborative design and R&D.
  • Nominated twice (2013, 2014) for SIMA Image Awards Surfboard of the Year for original designs.
  • Conceived and executed multiple innovative technological concepts, including SUPERflex Construction, a Sustainable Surf ECOboard Project certified product.

Let’s talk about Superflex Technology

If you buy a Fling you’ll most likely choose Superflex Technology, because it boasts a range of benefits over your traditional PU board with a wooden stringer. The Superflex version of the Fling uses a stringer-less EPS core with 4 different types of reinforcements going in 6 different directions, so that all the flex and strength is engineered into the surface of the board.

This gives the board a flexible, springy feel from the outside in. The best way to describe Superflex is like a tightly strung trampoline, wired into the surface of your board. It really is a noticeable sensation of push-back when your on a wave face and makes high energy surfing even more exciting. Compress through your turns and let the flex propel you further than you’d usually go.

From the Shapers

“This is one of our most versatile designs, pretty much anyone can take this surfboard out and have fun!”

– Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher and Jason Koons

The Superflex bottom deck of a mint condition Fling

Sparrow’s Perspective

It’s time to watch the Superbrand Fling take shape. We’ll start with Sparrow’s perspective in a video that comes from the manufacturer.

Other Superbrand Fling Reviews


Thanks to all the “high performance” elements in the Fling’s design, it fits in tighter spaces that most grovellers and is no stranger to finding the pocket. This can be especially useful at dumpy beach breaks or anywhere the waves can be round even when they are small.

 You want a board that grovels well but still allows you to surf with a shortboard style. Regardless of your skill level, the Fling will aid your progression and keep the fun going in a wide range of “everyday” conditions.



This surfboard excels in waist to shoulder-high to even overhead waves. I’ve surfed it overhead and it handles it. It just cruises beautifully down the line. It’s a fun ride, flows well and feels really smooth. I really like surfing with this board in smaller waves. The Fling’s outline is conducive to a different type of surfing than some of the other performance hybrid fish models that you see, or from a high performance short board. The SUPERBrand Fling, to me, is more about cruising and having fun. Man it is cruisey and it is lots of fun to ride!


No joke: I ended up falling in love with the board first session.

While the Fling is clearly made with small waves in mind, I fell so madly in love that I wanted to ride it in all conditions. The 5’11”, with its three fins and deep single, began to feel so… bland. The Fling, so wild and fun!

The Video Section

We’ve rounded up the best videos about the Superbrand Fling and placed them right here for your viewing pleasure. Good luck and enjoy.

A Superbrand Fling review by Real Watersports,

Brett Barley shows how the Fling should be ridden.

Summer Session crew check out the Fling.

Paul Fisher leads a life that will make you gag with envy. Check him out on and watch him surf on a Superbrand Fling below.

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Superbrand Fling
Solid all-rounder for small to medium waves, but won't let you down when things get critical.
Superflex technology
Easy to paddle
Fast and responsive
Handles medium swells and hollow conditions
Final Score
  1. Excellent review thanks. I have a 5’’6 fling with the mesh construction and it is one of the best all round boards I have ever owned. Beach break close out gem to overhead rocket. That wide round tail looks like it would cause a problem in bigger overhead waves but run as a thruster it bites and carves. I have owned many many boards in varying constructions from major surfboard manufacturers and from local shapers each having certain qualities but each lacking something. The fling goes everywhere with me. Epic board from the superbrand shaping team.

  2. Hi ..had a question..i hav the opportunity to buy a 5’10 fling from a friend and its 35L. I ussually ride my rehular shortboard with 30L…am i going to notice a big difference? level is intermediate

  3. 4

    I have a 6.0 Pu Fling at 37.5 litres. Admittedly, I went oversize on this as I bought it online and would have been better on a 5.8, maybe a 5.10. BUT having said that, I still absolutely love this board. It FLIES. It’s easy to paddle. Easy to gt into waves. HAs heaps of lift and all over is just helping my surfing no end. I’ll ride this 6.0 for a bit ( I am 80 KGs 5.11) then see how it goes sizing down. Prey stoked on it.

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