Gnarwall Surfboard Hanger System

If you are looking for an easy way to store surfboards without installing racks then the Gnarwall surfboard hanger designed by SHEPPS might be a solution for you. Super simple design and ingenious use of existing surfboard features (i.e. FCS fin plugs) make this space-saving invention a great option.

Installation takes a few minutes and beats bolting racks into your wall. You could easily hang four or five boards along your garage wall without unwieldy vertical racks that take up a lot of space. Great if your garage is full or you have a wide car. Sure, you’ll need to unscrew the FCS hanger hook every time you go surfing but the product is great if you have a few boards that are saved for special occasions.

The SHEPPS hanger might also be good if you have an ornamental board that you want to mount somewhere permanently. Maybe one of those carbon fibre DVS beauties, or a smart surfboard that tells the time.

We’re stoked with the invention and highly recommend the product. We’d like an FCS 2 version, for easy click-in functionality without the screws.

Surfboard hanger view review

From the manufacturer

The GNARWALL is the world’s first hidden surfboard hanging system. An eco-conscious hook and hanger system, GNARWALL was designed by surfers on the shores of Lake Ontario, and is crafted from sustainable materials. The system is available in three colorways and works with Futures, FCS or single-fin, fin boxes.

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Gnarwall Surfboard Hanger System
A simple solution to surfboard storage
Best features
Easy installation
Clever design
Needs improvement
Need to unscrew the hook every time