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Highly Recommended

When you search for surfwear what are you thinking about? First, it’s about comfort – having a functional and protective layer of clothing that allows you to surf and focus on the waves. Worrying about losing swimwear during a wipeout can deter us from going for bigger waves.

Second, it makes us happy finding a design that is fashionable and that looks great. Even the most hardcore male surfers try to co-ordinate their deck grip, boardshorts and rash vests – don’t believe them if they deny it!

But how many people thinking about the environment when choosing surf wear? Mona, lovingly handcrafted in California, makes not only beautiful and comfortable surf wear, but are dedicated to also being eco-friendly.

Mona is dedicated to making the world a better place with high quality products that are both ethical and sustainable.

Climate change is real and pollution directly affects surfers. That’s why I like to make more sustainable choices.

Mona’s prints are absolutely beautiful. I love the combination of flowers and tribal patterns, and that’s why my favorite model (amongst many) is the Drifter Surf Suit. The best thing about this swimsuit is the additional sun protection on my arms – important for those of us who surf under blazing sunshine and would rather not use sunscreen.

The material feels soft and silky on the skin. It’s also lightweight, fast-drying and breathable. You would never think that the fabric is made from recycled fishing nets and other discarded ocean plastic.

Mona’s sustainable fabrics are the foundation of our environmentally conscious, comfortable, high-performance apparel.

This product is not only suitable for surfer girls, who will love the comfort and elegance of the design. Any active woman who likes swimming, playing with kids on the beach or perhaps even water photography will love this suit.

Size S fits me perfectly. I’m 5’7″/167cm, bust 35″/89 cm, waist 24″/61 cm, hip 36″/91.4 cm.

Writer’s note: even after a year of wear this swimsuit is still in excellent condition. Congratulations to Mona for your craftsmanship.

Review of Mona Eco-friendly Surf Wear
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