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The Weret Surf Watch fuses mechanical and smartwatch technologies in a product that will appeal to surfers and other ocean lifestyle enthusiasts. This is because the watch integrates with Magic Seaweed to provide surf and weather information via the traditional analogue display. If you’re after a classic watch with modern connectivity – and that is specifically designed for surfers – then the Weret Surf Watch might be for you.

We reviewed the Weret C-BLK model with a silicone wristband that we assumed would be ideal for surfing. The watch itself is robust, chunky and striking. The surgical stainless steel case is highly reflective and features design elements inspired by Scandinavian automotive design. We like the way that structural elements like the pins holding each corner of the face together are exposed as design features. There are three large buttons on the right-hand side of the face – these are push button only and so the size serves mainly for ornamental purposes.

First impressions

The watch is relatively easy to get up and running. We started off by connecting it to an iPhone 7 using the Weret smartphone app, which enables you to configure your theme and make a few customisations. It was quite exciting to push the large side button and discover that the watch hands spin immediately to display the latest surf and weather information.

The watch requires your mobile phone to be nearby in order to receive the latest surf forecast data. I spent some time feeling quite frustrated because the watch wasn’t updating. I would press the side button and the watch vibrated but didn’t show the surf report. This could have been an issue with my iPhone 7 so we upgraded to an iPhone 12 (see the water-based footage in the review). I later discovered that as long as the Weret app is open on the phone, the watch updates the surf forecast data seamlessly. However, if the Weret app is closed then the surf forecast won’t update.

This lead me to question why you wouldn’t just check the surf on Magic Seaweed and wear a regular watch but I soon started to appreciate the Weret watch for its uniqueness.

If you are a watch connoisseur and like mechanical watch technology then you will love the look and feel of the Weret Surf Watch. Even without the smart technology is a beautiful watch that is worth the investment. However, if you want just a little bit extra in terms of functionality it’s super fun being able to check tide, swell height and swell origin without having to fire up a web browser. This is an elegant solution that makes a perfect gift for surfers who appreciate the finer things in life.

Video review

Watch our video review of the Weret Surf Watch below.

In the water

I took the Weret for a surf and found that the chunky design was somewhat uncomfortable alongside a winter wetsuit. If you’re surfing somewhere warm it should be fine, however, the large right-hand button tends to press into the top of the hand while duck diving. Most watches are uncomfortable to some degree while surfing but I had to wonder whether I needed so much tech on my wrist while catching a few waves. The Apple Watch, for example, has a much thinner profile plus some additional features like GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring.

I’d prefer a much smaller button on the middle right-hand side of the Weret – especially seeing as the button size doesn’t seem to serve any purpose. Obviously, surf forecasts don’t work while you’re out in the ocean because your phone is hopefully safe in the car. Plus you’re actually in the ocean so can simply look around and experience the conditions with your built-in sensors (ie. your eyes).

In a meeting

I wore the Weret Surf Watch to a business meeting so that I could vicariously check the surf. I was stifling a yawn when I remembered that I could perform a covert surf check, so I clicked the large right-hand button. The watch just buzzed. Ah – yes – you need to have the Weret app open in order to connect. So I had to grab my phone, open the Weret app and then click the button. I received a dirty look upon fiddling with my phone. Then another dirty look upon checking my watch. πŸ˜€

But once the smartphone app was open, the clock hands swivelled to show me water temp, air pressure and tide. The waves were, in fact, quite good.

Product specifications & dimensions

Wireless charging with a circular induction charger (a pad like the Apple watch)
Battery life: up to 6 months – this is mind-blowing for a smartwatch
Water-resistant 10 atm 100 m / 330 ft
The case is made with 316L low-carbon surgical grade steel with excellent corrosion resistance to sea-water Diameter: 42mm
Thickness: 14,5mm
Weight: ~87g (case without straps)
Strap width: 22mm

Final thoughts

The crew at Weret have really invested a lot of time and effort into developing a surf watch that blends mechanical and smartwatch features into a beautiful and high-quality watch with exceptional battery life. This watch will appeal to surfers who love mechanical, analogue timekeeping and who use Magic Seaweed as their forecasting service of choice.

The MSW Surf theme is good but neglects Wind Direction, which for me is one of the most important indicators I check when actually browsing the Magic Seaweed forecast. I’d love to see Wind Direction included in a future software update because Water Temperature and Air Pressure are less relevant, to me at least.

Who is this watch for? Someone who loves beautiful watches and also loves surfing. If you’re looking to upgrade your old mechanical watch then this product is for you. However, if you want a watch that includes more connectivity and “smart-ness” then perhaps an Apple or Garmin will be a better fit.

Many surfers don’t care much for tracking heart rate variability or wave count or tracking sleep cycles. In which case the Weret Surf Watch could be a perfect fit for you. It enables surf forecasting anytime, anywhere from the privacy of your wrist.

Weret Surf Watch Review
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