Company Profile: Globe International

Globe is a surf and skate brand that manufactures a range of shoes and apparel. From a surfing perspective, Globe has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with athletes such Western Australia’s Taj Burrow who reinvented small wave performance surfing with his electric style and speed.

Globe has sponsored key World Surf League contests including the Globe Fiji Pro for several years. Whether for casual streetwear or performance skate shoes, Globe has cemented themselves as part of surf skate culture.

History of Globe International

When was Globe International founded?

Globe International was founded in 1985.

Where was it founded?

Globe International was founded in Australia.

Who were the founders?

Globe was founded by former Australian skateboarding champions Peter and Stephen Hill, along with brother and current Globe International CEO Matt Hill.

Why was it founded?

The founding of Hardcore Enterprises laid the development of Globe International. The Hills cited that they were unsatisfied with the lack of quality skate products they required, and they went into business to import US skate products to Australia.

Important milestones in the company’s history

1985The Hills create their first formal business entity, Universal Skateboard Importers, located on Napier Street, Fitzroy, with initial skateboard hardware imports from the US and Asia. By the end of the year they had gained the Australian distribution for the American skate brand, Variflex
1986Hardcore, Kerr Street
Renaming their growing company Hardcore Enterprises, the Hills move the business around the corner to a larger warehouse space in Kerr Street, Fitzroy. Stephen, Peter, Matt and friends put on Variflex skate demos at fairs and shopping centres, travelling all around Victoria.
Peter and Stephen write Blast! The skateboard book and promote it widely including on ‘Good Morning Australia’ and ‘The Early Bird Show’. The book and its sequel go on to sell tens of thousands of copies and encourage the development of public skate parks all over Australia.
Helping to establish snowboarding in Australia, Hardcore distribute both Burton and Sims snowboard products, along with supporting moves to ‘legalize’ the activity on Victorian snow fields.
1987Going Stateside
The Hills begin travelling to the USA including connecting with Lance Mountain and other Pro skaters in Los Angeles.
The Snake Pit
Supported by Hardcore, Gregor Rankine opens one of Australia’s first dedicated skate stores, Snake Pit, on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, to be followed later by a second store in Chapel Street, Prahran.
1988Streetwear, Yarra Street
Hardcore renovates an old glue factory and moves to new premises on Yarra Street, Abbotsford as the distribution of Vision Streetwear turns into the first formal licensing agreements for apparel and accessories. In the next year, Hardcore sets up Die Hard distribution for clothing and footwear licenses.
The Hills invest with the Australasian Stüssy licensee, Jim Fisher, and work to rapidly expand the business.
The company’s first proprietary brand, Mooks, is established with graphic artist, Richard Allan working with Peter and Stephen.
Stephen and Peter meet Mossimo Giannulli to secure the Australian license for the new Californian Mossimo brand.
Over The Ditch
Hardcore grows beyond Australian shores and opens an office and
warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand.
In conjunction with Stüssy, Die Hard creates a new proprietary brand, Sista, to provide a Stüssy inspired women’s range. More licenses are taken on including the US Split label.
1994The Birth Of Globe
Arising from an urge to control their own fate and offer a superior skate footwear, Hardcore starts another new proprietary brand as early designs and sourcing begin on Globe shoes.
Retail Fashion
Designed by Marc Newson, the first Mooks concept store opens on Chapel Street, Prahran.
1995An International Base, Flockhart Street     
Hardcore and Die Hard continue to grow and move on to larger premises in Flockhart Street, Abbotsford as the first forays are made into the American market with Globe shoes and Mooks is launched into UK market.
1996Home Of The Brave, Oregon Court
Matt Hill and Gary Valentine establish Globe’s North American Division, setting up an office and warehouse in Oregon Court, Torrance while Grind Distribution in France begins the distribution of Globe shoes in Europe.
Domestic Expansion
Hardcore’s first Queensland office opens, as the FreshJive label is licensed for Australasia and the company holds its first large skate-music party at Flockhart Street.
1997Mooks International
Following solid success in the Australian and UK markets, Mooks is
launched into the US and Japan.
1999We Love LA! Crenshaw Boulevard
Globe’s American office moves to larger premises on Crenshaw
Boulevard, Torrance.
2000Globe International
The business divisions of Hardcore, Die Hard and Globe US are combined to create Globe International as the company prepares to go public on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Globe launches a new women’s action sports footwear brand, Gallaz, with a range including a Layne Beachley Pro Model Shoe and supporting the Gallaz Girls Street Jam 2 held in Melbourne.
2001Globe Floats
Against a back ground of the biggest 900 Degrees party to date and widespread media interest, Globe successfully lists on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Global HQ, Lorimer Street
Following the successful public float, Globe International moves to new purpose built headquarters and warehousing at Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne.
Dwindle, South Aviation Boulevard
Globe International hits its promised financial numbers as it undertakes the acquisition of Kubic Marketing, Dwindle Distribution along with a new manufacturing partnership in China and merges its American office into the Dwindle offices at South Aviation Boulevard, El Segundo in Los Angeles.
2004O Brother, The CEO
Matt Hill is appointed as the new CEO of Globe International and begins to reorganize the corporate and strategic structure including the expansion of Globe’s European division.
2010Return, Fennell Street
Globe moves it’s Australian headquarters to Fennell Street, Port Melbourne, along with establishing a new apparel division, 4Front to license the Obey streetwear brand and others.
2012FXD Workwear
FXD, Function By Design, a new proprietary workwear brand is launched
in Australia.
2013Globe Apparel
After developing and extending Globe’s apparel offerings, the new Los Angeles shoe and capsule collection is launched at American Rag in Los Angeles.
2017New Stores
Flagship Globe retail stores opened in the strategic neighborhoods of Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles and Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
2018Chairman Of The Board
Paul Isherwood, passes at age 80 after 15 years as Globe International’s Chairman. Originally appointed to the board in 2000, Paul oversaw the company’s float on the stock exchange along with the good and tough times, becoming its Chairman in 2003 and contributing an awesome 18 year legacy of leadership, diligence and wit.

Any other important people who contributed to success?

  • Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen – World Industries
  • Jim Fisher – licensee of Stussy
  • Mark Gonzales – new skate brand in the US under the World Industries umbrella
  • Richard Allan – graphic artist for Mooks
  • Mossimo Giannulli – gave the license for the new Californian Mossimo brand
  • Gary Valentine – helped establish Globe’s North American Division
  • Chet Thomas and Rodney Mullen – join Globe skate team as the first internaitonal riders and design and development begins at Globe’s North American Division
  • Marc Johnson – together with Rodney Mullen launched the The enjoi skate brand
  • Chris Haslam and David Gonzalez – joined Globe and begun working on an industry first concept with the rest of the skate team, United by Fate, an episodic series of skate videos that premiere free online.
  • Paul Isherwood – passed away at age 80 after 15 years as Globe International’s Chairman. Originally appointed to the board in 2000, Paul oversaw the company’s float on the stock exchange along with the good and tough times, becoming its Chairman in 2003 and contributing an awesome 18 year legacy of leadership, diligence and wit.

The Company Today

Who is the CEO?

Matt Hill is the current CEO of Globe International.

How many staff do they have?

The estimated number of employees is 29.

How much revenue do they earn?

The company’s estimated revenue is $115 Million.

Where are they located? 

Globe International headquarters is located at 1 Fennell St, Port Melbourne, Victoria, 3207, Australia.

Do they have a foundation / non-for-profit arm?

The company doesn’t have a foundation or non-for-profit arm.

Which products do they specialize in?

Globe International specializes shoes, clothing, skateboards and socks.

The Ambassadors

Who is sponsored by the company?

Skate: Mark Appleyard, Sammy Montano, Aaron Kim, Rodney Mullen, Fries Taillieu

Surf: Taj Burrow, Dion Agius, Shaun Manners, Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart, Nate Tyler, Dakoda Walters, Jai Glindeman

Snow: Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, David Carrier-Porcheron, Dustin Craven

Taj BurrowInstagram
Dion AgiusFacebook
Shaun MannersFacebook
Noa DeaneInstagram
Creed McTaggartFacebook
Nate TylerInstagram
Dakoda WaltersInstagram
Jai GlindemanInstagram
Mark AppleyardFacebook
Sammy MontanoFacebook

Any interesting quotes from executives or ambassadors?

I see people with talent and all those things, but the one thing they don’t have is just that love for the sake of doing it

Rodney Mullen

I think it’s kind of just a matter of relying on pure instinct and not caring at all about what other people think.

Shaun Manners

I just like the idea of trying something that no one’s ever tried before, and I really wanted to know if it was possible.

Taj Burrows


Do they produce any eco-friendly products or have a sustainability focus?

Globe International has sustainability focus.

Campaigns and Partnerships

Are they doing anything interesting in terms of campaigns or partnerships?

Partnership with the National Forest Foundation

Showcase products

For more information

Visit Globe website.