Company Profile: KINTANA

KINTANA is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand that is committed to creating high-quality, eco-friendly products while also promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. The brand is primarily focused on the concept that water-wear does not need to compromise on design for functionality and the collections aim to inspire a sense of adventure and possibility while keeping sustainability at their core.


When was the company founded?

Kintana was founded in 2021.

Where was it founded?

Germany, Munich

Who is the founder?

Katharina Khadjavi


At KINTANA, sustainability is at the core of everything they do. They believe that sustainable living is not just a trend but a way of life, and they are committed to promoting this philosophy through their products and actions. They strive to create products that are not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally responsible and socially conscious.

KINTANA’s products are made using sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, and natural rubber. They are committed to reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint, and they use eco-friendly production processes whenever possible.

Furthermore, in addition to their product line, KINTANA actively supports environmental organizations and initiatives dedicated to protecting the oceans and promoting sustainability. They firmly believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to care for the environment and are dedicated to playing their part in this mission. Their ongoing partnership with Seatrees plants one mangrove tree per item sold.

An Interview with KINTANA founder, Katharina Khadjavi

Can you tell us a little more about the inspiration behind KINTANA? How did you decide on the name? 

I always loved being in the water and have therefore worn a lot of wetsuits in my life. Over time I felt increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t find many options I liked that used more sustainable alternatives to classic neoprene. I began making prototypes and took them everywhere I went. After an amazing freediving trip in Madagascar, I decided to quit my day job and start working on the brand full-time. “Marokintana” meaning ‘many stars’ is the Malagasy word for whale shark (given their star like spots). It was too long as a brand name though, so it became Kintana.

Here at we love the fact that KINTANA is built on a foundation of sustainability. How important was it for you to build that foundation? What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced in terms of manufacturing and selling sustainable gear? 

Working with alternatives to classic Neoprene was at the core of the brand from the start, we set out with that aim and have not looked back since. Even when we began working with swimwear/UV protective fabrics we only worked with recycled options from the beginning. It’s just a non-negotiable for us. Of course, there are challenges to working this way, we manufacture everything in Europe in order to reduce the miles of our products. Together with using more sustainable alternatives in our fabrics, all the way to things such as recycled swingtags/tissue paper etc. this comes at a cost. Higher costs for us means higher prices for consumers. That can be challenging as a small business.

Talk us through the product design process. Which parts do you love and where do you draw inspiration? What fuels your creativity?

That’s a difficult question to answer, it depends on what our design focus is for that season, for our wetsuits I get inspiration from old movies and female lead characters, for our swim I was inspired by organic prints this season. Shapes found in nature, colours that represent the place I love to spend as much time in as possible, the sea. My favourite part of the process is seeing the first sample of the design, it’s like Christmas when you see all the hard work coming together in physical form.

Any words of advice for businesses and consumers wanting to shift towards sustainability?

Don’t give up! We are all trying to make better choices whether as businesses or as consumers. Sometimes that transition takes time and effort, but it’s better to find sustainable long-term solutions that sometimes take longer to develop than quick fixes that don’t hold their value.

What’s next for KINTANA? What is your vision for the rest of 2023? Any exciting news on the horizon?

For 2023 we are focusing on building the brand and are looking at new exciting things such as the possibility of doing neoprene recycling with our manufacturing partners.

Katharina Khadjavi, Cape Town, Shot by Jade Lee

Kat is wearing KINTANA’s very first neoprene-free full wetsuit. Ideal for colder days and maximum coverage. This ultra-flexible full suit is consciously designed to minimize impact on the planet. The suit offers maximum coverage while reducing water resistance for the best possible experience in the water. Made of premium 2mm Bio-based foam, lined with recycled polyester, it is the perfect partner for exploring the ocean or riding a wave.

Bio-based foam is made using renewable raw materials, such as sugar cane, rubber tree and non-edible plant oil. It is a more sustainable alternative to classic, petroleum-based neoprene.

Showcase products

Margo Suit

The Margo suit, a multi-functional one-piece suit strategically designed for active days. A versatile piece made to transition throughout your day. The perfect partner for your sunrise yoga, surf session or even a night out. Featuring a fully lined, one-sided crop top attached to a high-rise legging. Made in Italy using innovative, super soft ECONYL® regenerated Nylon.

Lara Suit

The Lara suit, a versatile surf suit. A multi-functional long-sleeve swimsuit made to mould to your body while being active in the water or on the beach. Featuring a buttoned front and draped, cutout at the back. Lined in the front for increased bust support and comfort. Made in Italy using innovative, super soft ECONYL® regenerated Nylon.

Sleeveless – Metallic

The Sleeveless shorty, perfect for warmer days and maximum range of movement. This sleeveless springsuit provides great flexibility while keeping you snug for the perfect fit.  Made of a combination of premium 2mm bio & limestone-based neoprene, it is purposefully designed to maximise your range of movement while reducing water resistance. The lining is made of extra smooth slick skin and recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles. It is quick drying, durable and has a high elongation rate for perfect form fitting flexibility.

This springsuit is best worn with our water-leggings for a full suit look and feel.

Waterjacket – Metallic

The Waterjacket, for both in & out of the water. Ideal for colder days and more coverage in the water. Made of a combination of premium 2mm bio & limestone-based neoprene lined with extra smooth slickskin and recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles. It is quick drying, durable and has a high elongation rate for perfect form fitting flexibility.

Best worn with our Waterlegging or over our Sleeveless springsuit for a full suit look and feel.

Overall, KINTANA is a brand that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment while also providing high-quality water-wear. They are committed to sustainability and innovation, and they strive to inspire others to join them in their mission to protect the planet.

Campaign photography by Claudia Steinert.

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Visit the Kintana website.

KINTANA on instagram: @wearekintana