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Xcel are one of the go-to choices for cold-water surfers. They are a forerunner of wetsuit technology, constantly developing new materials and linings to keep you warm in the harshest of conditions.

Despite the brand being synonymous with Hawaii, founder Ed D’Ascoli actually grew up on the New Jersey coastline. His experience with frigid winter ocean conditions was the perfect foundation for developing the worlds best wetsuits.

In recent years the coldest surf zones have become bona-fide destinations for travelling surfers. Look around the lineups in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Iceland and Norway and you are sure to see the Xcel logo more often than not.

The fact that the Hawaiian Water Patrol choose Xcel exclusively is testament to the quality and durability of their products.

Revolutionary manufacturing and recycling processes mean Xcel are now leading the charge for increased sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Recent initiatives have lead to a 72% reduction in CO2 emissions, 104L reduction in water usage, and a 26% carbon footprint reduction per kilogram of material. produced.

History of Xcel Wetsuits

When was Xcel Wetsuits founded?

Xcel Wetsuits was founded in 1982.

Where was it founded?

Xcel Wetsuits was founded in Sunset Beach, Hawaii.

Who were the founders?

The founder is Ed D’Ascoli.

Why was it founded?

Xcel Wetsuits was founded because of the demand of athletes to create high-performance products that can incredibly challenge the Sunset Beach and North Shore breaks.

Important milestones in the company’s history

  • In 1990, D’Ascoli moved Xcel from Sunset Beach into its present headquarters in Haleiwa. Soon after, to better service Xcel retailers on the mainland, the brand opened a warehouse in California. This West Coast location facilitated Xcel’s entry into the recreational diving market. Using successful features and vast product knowledge of its successful surf and military wetsuits, Xcel quickly raised the bar for dive wetsuit design
  • The company was acquired by Billabong in 2007
  • Wedge brands LLC Announces Acquisition of Xcel Wetsuits and ZG Holdings LLC
Xcel athlete Trevor Berry

The Company Today

Who is the CEO?

Jarka Duba is the CEO of Wedge Brands.

How many staff do they have?

The estimated number of employees is 81.

How much revenue do they earn?

Xcel Wetsuits earns a revenue of $56.40 Million.

Where are they located? 

The headquarters of Xcel is located in 66-590 KAMEHAMEHA Hwy., #2A, Hale’iwa, Hawaii 96712 US.

Do they have a foundation / non-for-profit arm?

Boardriders Foundation is their non-for-profit arm.

Which products do they specialize in?

Xcel Wetsuits have products for surf, dive, UV protection, paddle and wake.

The Ambassadors

Who is sponsored by the company?

Albee Layer, Bradley Norris, Chris Zaffis, Hawaiian Water Patrol, Shelby Detmers

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Do they produce any eco-friendly products or have a sustainability focus?

Xcel Wetsuits have eco-friendly products and a sustainability focus.

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