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Von Zipper are a Californian eyewear and accessories company, founded in 2000. Coming from humble beginnings, the brand was established when a group of friends started producing a limited range of products from a small San Clemente warehouse.

The Von Zipper ethos is based around lifestyle and personality, with a strong emphasis on the relationship they have with their customer base. The company prides itself on putting smiles on peoples faces through, what they call, “positive declarations of rebellion.” This is evident in the design of Von Zipper’s premium eyewear, goggles, soft goods and accessories.

VZ has always appealed to those who think outside the box, embracing subcultures over the mainstream.

History of Von Zipper

When was Von Zipper founded?

Von Zipper was founded in 2000.

Where was it founded? 

Von Zipper was founded in San Clemente, CA.

Who were the founders? 

Von Zipper was founded by partners GT, RJR and Hesh.

Why was it founded?  

Partners GT, RJR and Hesh shared a mutual magnetism to freedom and the do-it-yourself mentality. They wanted to bring smiles to faces and touch people with positive declarations of rebellion. This is the reason why Von Zipper was established.

Important milestones in the company’s history

In 2001, Von Zipper became part of Billabong.

In 2018, Huntington Beach-based Boardriders Inc., whose brands include Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes, announced this week that it has completed a purchase of sports apparel competitor Billabong.

The purchase adds RVCA, Element, Kustom, VonZipper, Xcel and Palmers to Boardriders’ roster of brands, making it one of the world’s leading action sports companies, with sales to more than 7,000 wholesale customers in more than 110 countries, according to a news release.

Any other important people who contributed to success?

David Tanner, former CEO of Boardriders. He stepped down as CEO in early part of 2021.

Company mission, vision and values

What does the company believe in?

Vision StatementWe are a global family of brands inspiring the pursuit of self-epxression and an active lifestyle.
Values·       Progressive
We are innovative and forward-thinking, globally aware, yet locally responsive and constantly adapting.
·       Consumer Obsessed
We relentlessly focus on our consumers, creating products to enhance their lifestyle.
·       Performance Driven
We deliver results through our individual accountability and our collaborative support for each other.
·       No B.S.!
We are united as one. We are authentic, transparent and proactive and never shy from the tough conversations.
·       Inclusive
We embrace individual differences in order to create a culture of belonging as the key to a better business and a brighter future.

The Company Today

Who is the CEO?

The CEO is Arne Arens.

How many staff do they have?

Von Zipper has an estimated number of employees of 29.

How much revenue do they earn?

Von Zipper has an estimated revenue of $13 million.

Where are they located? 

Boardriders Headquarters is located in 5600 Argosy Circle, Building #100 Huntington Beach, CA 92649.

Do they have a foundation / non-for-profit arm?

They have the Boardriders Foundation.

Which products do they specialize in?

Von Zipper specializes in sunglasses, snow goggles, optical, moto goggles and accessories.

Any interesting quotes from executives or ambassadors?

With the combination of Boardriders and Billabong, we bring together the best of both companies, creating a dynamic enterprise under the Boardriders umbrella.

David Tanner, former CEO

Campaigns and Partnerships

Are they doing anything interesting in terms of campaigns or partnerships?

  • Boardriders support the following initiatives:
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Keep A Breast Foundation
  • Repreve
  • Choc Children’s
  • Aquarium Of The Pacific
  • Ocean Institute
  • USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies

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For more information

Visit Von Zipper website.