What do surfer girls wear?

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A surfer girl is someone who identifies as a female and enjoys surfing or the surf lifestyle. While the traditional image of a surfer girl is a blonde-haired, tanned, bikini-wearing beach goddess, the truth is that there are all kinds of girls and women – young, middle-aged and elderly – from around the globe, who love surfing.

Of course there is an overlap between surf brands popular with men and women. That is because the major surf brands usually release both male and female fashion lines every year. Some manufacturers produce gear exclusively for females and many have a focus on sustainable swimwear. A selection of the most popular brands for female surfers includes:

  • Roxy
  • Quiksilver
  • Billabong
  • Volcom
  • Reef
  • Patagonia
  • Lululemon
  • Outerknown

Visit our best surf brands article for detailed insights into the major brands, including all of their social and shop links.

What do surfer girls actually wear?

The surfing lifestyle tends to favour relaxed, comfortable clothing that requires minimal preparation. Think sun-kissed skin, light fabrics and slip-on sandals rather than glitzy dresses or sophisticated accessories. A real surfer girl is likely to wake up and throw on some comfy clothing that can easily be taken off if the waves are good. Changing at the beach, with a towel or poncho, is part of the surfer lifestyle so you don’t want to be wearing anything to complex or fiddly. In winter-time, many surfer girls revert to the most user-friendly clothing – such as tracksuit pants and a sweat shirt. That’s not to say that they can’t look beautiful while wearing the most basic and easygoing clothing.

Surfer girls might prefer function over aesthetics but they don’t wear “home clothes” around the clock. Surf brands have developed and refined a range of fashion that both looks and feels great, whether you’re on the way to the beach, or the cafe, or the club.

Many men love the relaxed, earthy surfer girl look as it implies a chilled attitude and active, sporty life. There are many reasons to date a surfer girl and fashion is only one. Bronzed skin, salty hair and a big smile after catching good waves are a bonus.

Surfer girl looks for 2022

We love exploring the latest surf fashion and have compiled an exclusive set of surfer girl looks for you. These span the entire day, starting from the beach, to daywear and culminating with a fashionable evening style that surfer girls can embrace. We’ve selected a range of surf brands that capture the essence of surfer girl spirit: carefree, healthy, fun and vibrant.

Enjoy our 2022 surfer girl fashion lineup.

Beach looks for surfer girls

Our beach selection is earthy and seriously comfortable. We’ve included accessories that will keep you looking and feeling great. We love Tesalate’s sand-free towel and We Are Feel Good’s tinted zinc. An Apple Watch provides enough functionality to track your waves, especially when paired with an app like Dawn Patrol.

  1. Zinc by We Are Feel Good Inc

2. Watch by Apple

3. Straw Beach Tote Bag by ROXY

4. Scrunchie by Kitsch

5. Bikini by Vitamin A

6 Flip-flops Bliss Nights by Reef

7. Argan Oil, Hair Repair Serum by Luseta Beauty

8. Sandfree Beach Towel by Tesalate

Day looks for surfer girls

Our daywear selection is for socialising, whether to an event or a cafe. Like our beach looks (above) we’ve gone for burnished browns with highlights and accents provided by REEF’s super comfy sandals and Outerknown’s awesome blue wallet / pouch. Sun protection is provided by a Brixton wide-brim hat and Dragon shades.

  1. Sunglasses by Dragon

2. Pouch by Outerknown

3. Tinted Lip Balm by Burt’s Bees

4. Paulina Jumper by L Space

5. Hat by Brixton

6 Necklace by ASOS DESIGN

7. Sandals CUSHION SCOUT by Reef

Evening looks for surfer girls

A surfer girl doesn’t need to go clubbing in beachwear – although why not if that’s what you want to do. However, the leading surf brands have formulated a range of styles and options for bringing the essence of the surf lifestyle to the club.

Check out a Vitamin A “romper” dress complimented by shoes by ECCO and a headband by Hauchi.

  1. Hoop earrings by ASOS DESIGN

2. Lip Tint by Pacifica

3. Organic Mascara by E.L.F

4. RFID Leather Crossbody Bag by Timberland

5. Playa Linen Short Romper by Vitamin A

6. Headband by Huachi

7. Stone Beads Bracelet by GENASTO

8. Ankle Boots by ECCO


Surfer girls have an almost unlimited range of options when deciding how to dress. Surf style has evolved over the years but the foundations of surfing apparel remain the same:

  • Comfort
  • No fuss
  • Playful and fun

One can easily imagine a surfer girl dashing to the beach in any of the above options, before changing into a wetsuit or bikini and paddling out to catch a few waves. The same in reverse – a surf session followed by the above attire is totally achievable, with minimal preparation.

Whether you are female surfer or simply aspire to achieve the surfer look – we hope you enjoyed the options we’ve selected especially for you in this article!