Saba Surf brand: an interview with Laura Quintana

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Saba Surf is a company dedicated to making the perfect block of surf wax. Using locally sourced, organic ingredients they handcraft their products in Venice, California.

The company was founded by passionate surfers who wanted to create a product that would enhance the surfing experience while also being eco-friendly. Saba Surf’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of natural ingredients in their wax formula, which is free from harmful chemicals typically found in traditional surf wax.

The company also offers a limited edition line of surf apparel including t-shirts, hats, and beanies. We love the t-shirt slogan, “Big Wax Sucks.”

In this story, we meet up with Laura Quintana, co-founder of Saba Surf, to find out more about this exciting brand.

Hi Laura, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Where in the world are you today?

Hey, thank you! Today I am at Hollow Trees surf break in the Mentawai Islands, sitting at the resort to use the wifi for a bit and have a mojito. 

What does a day in the life of Laura Quintana look like?

Everyday is different. I’ve been living on a 62 foot catamaran boat with 12 other female surfers exploring the surf breaks around here for the past week (and for the next week!) but normally, I am based in Los Angeles California. When I’m home and not on set for a shoot, I wake up and move, either a run or a surf to start the day. Then a bit of work on my laptop at home or at Little Lunch Coffee shop in Venice, CA. I will handle some pome prep for upcoming shoots maybe. Ship out orders for Saba. And finish the day with another surf if it’s good, and dinner with my boyfriend and Saba Surf co-founder, Gal.

When did you start surfing and how did you get into it?

I started surfing consistently about 5 years ago. I used to run competitively and I love to move, but I just got tired of it. My friend would take me out with her when I first started, and when she moved back to Florida, I continued on my own. Just from being out in the water, I met some women who are my closest friends today.

What inspired you to co-found the Saba Surf brand?

To be honest, I had free time and I knew Gal (my co-founder) was interested in starting the brand, and would need help with the social media and branding, but since we started as true business partners, it’s been so much fun. So many people say not to work with your partner but I love working with Gal. We get our friends involved and use our platform to share their stories. It’s fulfilling and I get to use my network from a decade of modeling to help build a brand that hopefully can support other surfers in the future.

What have been some highlights and challenges in starting the business? 

Highlights include working with friends, writing off surf trips, and representing a product that is actually great quality. So far the only challenge was when Gal and I were living in Hawaii for 2 months and we had our buddy shipping orders for us. Our first big order of wax came in and he shipped it in the wrong package even though we told him exactly what kind it had been sent out in. When the customer received it the wax boxes were all torn up and some were even missing. We apologized profusely, explained the situation and refunded him of course but needless to say.. our friend isn’t allowed to be involved in anything Saba-related anymore (haha!) we rip on him for it all the time.

What makes Saba products unique?

We’re local! Hand poured in Venice, CA. You also use so much less of our bars to wax your whole board than you do with other brands of wax. It’s also way stickier than others I’ve used.

What’s next for Saba Surf? Any exciting news on the horizon?

More video content highlighting our friends who own surf-adjacent businesses. We’ve talked about hosting a mini surf comp which would be a blast. We also have some cool new clothing in the works. Maybe some surf trips? Who knows! The sky’s the limit. 

Can you share some of your favorite surf breaks?

I surfed A Frames yesterday here in the Ments and it blew my mind. I’ve never surfed a wave quite like that before. I love Topanga back in LA. Always a good time down at SanO. Surfing K38 in Mexico with my best girlfriends Megan and Jaye has a special place in my heart as well.

Where is your dream surf destination? Which boards will you ride and who would you take?

I’d love to surf farther down south in Mexico. I’ve only gone as far as Las Gaviotas. I ride Thread boards exclusively at the moment. I have my 6’10 single fin that I bring with me everywhere. A 6ft thruster that I actually painted a chess board on the bottom of and like to play chess in between sessions on it. And my Thread log is in Costa Mesa waiting to be picked up once I’m back home. 

Laura, thanks again for spending a bit of time with us, any final comments for our readers?

Thank you! This was fun and I appreciate your time. Final thought? Don’t take it too seriously. You can apply that to whatever you need it to at the moment, but for me, I’m thinking in terms of our business. I find that with Saba, our most successful ideas and products come to mind when Gal and I are just goofing around bouncing ideas off each other. And shouldn’t that be how it always is? I think we’re meant to enjoy this life, not spend it grinding ourselves down with work we hate while chasing some unattainable concept of success that someone else came up with. Anyways, thanks!

For more info visit Saba Surf