Salt Gypsy Maven Surfsuit Review

Salt Gypsy Maven Surfsuit Review
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Salt Gypsy is a company that is dedicated to producing sustainable and stylish surf products. They believe in preserving the environment, and they commit to using only eco-friendly materials in their products. They are also committed to creating a positive impact on the communities where they operate. Their mission is to provide a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for everyone who loves the ocean.

Salt Gypsy uses innovative technologies and materials to create a sustainable range of surfboards, wetsuits, accessories, and apparel, helping reduce plastic pollution in our oceans while still providing top-notch performance for surfers of all levels. By supporting Salt Gypsy’s mission, you can join their efforts in protecting our oceans while still enjoying your favorite watersport activities.

For over three years, we have chosen to source and use ECONYL® regenerated nylon in our surf garments. Why? For us, it’s a no-brainer: sustainable textiles x responsible manufacturing is the new normal and a business imperative for all fashion, surf and swim brands in this modern economy.

Salt Gypsy designs are inspired by the ocean, with many of their products featuring bright colors and bold prints that reflect the energy of the waves. Whether you’re hitting the beach or just looking for a stylish outfit, Salt Gypsy has something for everyone.

Maven Surfsuit Review

It is the 28th day of February, the last day of summer where I live. With an onshore breeze and a few lines wrapping towards my local beach, it’s a perfect day to review my new surf suit from Salt Gypsy. Too soon I’ll be back in a full winter wetsuit, so I relish the feeling of lightness and flexibility as I slip it on.

The waves aren’t great, but the tide is shifting and with an incoming tide arrive new possibilities. I don’t mind the wait. Some people meditate to bring their minds to a calm space. I find that just being near the ocean is meditation. Sitting in this surf suit, I hardly notice a kiss of autumn in the breeze.

About the Maven Surfsuit

The Salt Gypsy Maven Surfsuit is a sustainable and stylish swimsuit that is perfect for any beach or pool day. This one-piece swimsuit is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it an eco-friendly choice. Not only is the design flattering, but it also offers superior comfort while you are out enjoying your favorite watersport activities.

Additionally, the fabric is UPF 50+, so you can keep your legs and torso safe from the sun while enjoying your surf session. With a combination of quality materials and great craftsmanship, this surf suit will make you look good and feel great.

I chose the classic black color, but the Maven suit is also available in a warped check black and white pattern from the new collection, which looks awesome!

Why would you choose this surf suit?

There are several scenarios in which I would choose to wear this surf suit:

  • If the water has a touch of chill, but the air is warm
  • If you’re surfing over a coral reef and want a bit more protection for your legs
  • If you want the option to wear a rash vest or a slightly warmer wetsuit top
  • If you just want to look and feel freedom while you catch a few waves without being fully exposed to the sun

I just wish I could wear the Maven Surfsuit all year round. It’s incredibly comfortable.

To check out their full range of gear and apparel, visit the Salt Gypsy website.

Geniya is AU size 8 and wearing size Small.