Abysse Clark Full Wetsuit Reef 3/3 mm Review

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There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of riding waves in a freshly minted new wetsuit, on a sunny day with glassy offshore breezes. With the right wetsuit, the autumnal crispiness in the air and dipping water temps are hardly noticeable. That’s what this article is about — the right wetsuit — and for me, it is the Clark Full Wetsuit Reef 3/3 mm from the brand Abysse.

Hailing from the beautiful Pacific islands, surf brand Abysse prides itself on creating luxury, sustainable surf gear that resonates with the modern wave rider. Let’s see what sets this wetsuit apart.

About Abysse

Founded in Tahiti, Abysse was born out of a desire to align women with ideals of function and sustainable fashion. The brand, now making waves worldwide, embodies the connection to nature that is so prominent in island life. They are a conscious manufacturer striving to create an impact and set their own long-term trend in the fast fashion industry. For Abysse, sustainability is not a marketing tool, but a requirement. Their aim is to protect the environment, celebrate women who love the ocean, and create a line of products that truly make a difference.

Our goal is to create products that feel great, look great and function great, all the while empowering women to reach their highest potential in and out of the water

Abysse Clark Full Wetsuit Reef 3/3 mm

Taking inspiration from the trailblazing American marine biologist Eugenie Clark, fondly known as the “Shark Lady” for her pioneering work in underwater scientific exploration using scuba gear, the Clark Full Wetsuit Reef 3/3 mm is a testament to bold and innovative design.

The Clark Full Wetsuit Reef 3/3 mm is not your average surf suit. With its distinctive brown color, it stands out against the sea of blacks and blues commonly seen on the waves. I have received numerous compliments about the color of the Clark wetsuit. My husband called me his “brown lioness,” stalking the lineup for waves and pouncing on unsuspecting swells.

The sleek seam placement and back zip design ensure that the suit hugs your body comfortably, allowing for optimal movement and flexibility. Its 3mm thickness caters perfectly to the colder water temperatures of New Zealand winters, which range between 57-66F or 14-18C, providing a barrier against the chill without compromising on performance. In fact, the Clark 3/3 wetsuit is just as warm as my 2-year-old 4/3 mm wetsuit from a different brand.

The materials used in the wetsuit are nothing short of impressive. Made from Yamamoto limestone-based neoprene, this suit is not only eco-friendly but also offers an incredible level of stretch and comfort. Glue blinded stitched seams make sure the suit remains durable and resistant to the wear and tear of heavy surfing.


  • 3mm torso arms and leg
  • Made out of 100% premium Japanese Yamamoto Ecoprene
  • Back Zip 
  • Sleek Seam Placement
  • Super Stretch & comfy
  • Glue Blinded Stitched Seams
  • Black Abysse logo 

Comfort and Fit

The comfort and fit of the Clark Full Wetsuit Reef 3/3 mm by Abysse stand as an embodiment of careful design and thoughtfulness. Its Yamamoto limestone-based neoprene lends to the suit an exceptional stretch, hugging the body in a comfortable embrace that promotes freedom of movement while guarding against the chill of the sea. The suit contours gracefully to your form, akin to a second skin, enhancing your agility in the water. The back zip design and sleek seam placement further contribute to the suit’s comfort, ensuring an optimal fit without unnecessary pressure points.

Geniya is AU size 8, 167cm / 5 ‘6″ and wears a size small.

Sustainability and Ethos

What truly sets Abysse apart is their commitment to sustainability and transparency. From the use of Yamamoto limestone-based neoprene to their ethos of ‘Produce less, produce well’, this brand is a breath of fresh air in an industry often criticised for its environmental impact. They define themselves as a sustainable brand, being a small, women-owned, family business that supports local production and uses recycled materials in their entire value chain.


In conclusion, the Clark Full Wetsuit Reef 3/3 mm by Abysse is a stellar product. It provides an excellent blend of comfort, warmth, and style, while also adhering to sustainable manufacturing practices.

If you’re a surfer who values not only performance but also the environmental impact of your gear, this wetsuit is a perfect choice. I wholeheartedly give this product a 5-star rating and eagerly await what Abysse has in store for us in the future.

Abysse Clark Full Wetsuit Reef 3/3 mm Review
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