AllWaves Unveils Revolutionary Wavepool Technology

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Knokke-Heist, Belgium – May 17, 2024 – AllWaves, a pioneering company in wavepool technology, has unveiled its innovative technology by means of a demonstration by international surfers. Its revolutionary patented system allows surfing on an artificial lake and thus opens up the possibility of bringing surfing experiences closer to enthusiasts. Its unique natural appearance allows for infinite wave variations and is now ready for sale to surf park developers worldwide.

Surfing is definitely my second passion and in Belgium there’s just not that much surf. So to have the opportunity to go to wavepools when I’m home is bliss.

Seppe Smits, 5 x World Championship Medalist Snowboarding

Safe, energy efficient and accessible

Over recent years, the popularity of surfing has skyrocketed, fueled by the global pandemic and the sport’s Olympic appearances in Japan and Paris 2024. Surf spots are becoming overly crowded when conditions are good.

AllWaves is now at the forefront of the next evolution in the surf industry: to increase access to the sport in a predictable & controlled environment.

Steven Nauwelaerts

The system mimics the movement of ocean waves and can be adjusted to create big or small, hollow or crumbling waves, depending on the skill level of the surfer. The underwater pillow technology is designed to be safe, energy-efficient, and financially interesting for project developers.

“I’m thrilled to see the positive responses of the market,” says Steven Nauwelaerts, AllWaves founder and CEO. “As a passionate surfer who has spent a decade working in renewable wave energy, it’s a dream come true to introduce an energy efficient wave-making technology.”

Commercial Applications

AllWaves’ vision is to share the passion for surfing, so everyone can surf perfect waves, close to home with ease, comfort and above all, stoke. The company’s wavepool technology features low operating costs, which also ensures its numerous applications, ranging from recreational surf parks, water parks, professional practice venues for surf federations to mixed-use real estate developments.

There were a lot of people in the pool today and everyone was getting waves, that’s what you want in a wavepool.

Blair Conklin, 3 x United Skim Tour Champion

The exact location of AllWaves’ first commercial wavepool may not yet be mentioned, but CEO Steven Nauwelaerts already indicates that next to numerous international locations, there will be at least one wavepool project in Belgium.

The AllWaves wave pool technology is currently being demonstrated at the company’s R&D site in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, where surf park developers can witness it firsthand.

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About AllWaves

AllWaves is a start-up company in wave pool technology, dedicated to creating the safest wavepools with a natural look & feel. The company’s proprietary pillow technology mimics the movement of ocean waves and can be adjusted to create waves for surfers of every ability. AllWaves develops, promotes & maintains technology for making surfable waves.