Review: Wind on the Water

<img title="" height="64" alt="wind on water" hspace="2" src="" width="70" align="left" border="0"/>Join us on a trip into surfing's soul as we check out Wind on the Water and other stories, the latest book by Jack Finlay.

Harper Collins 2006

Wind on the Water and other surf stories is a collection of short stories, 17 to be precise, written by acclaimed surf writer, Jack Finlay. It’s about “the true art of surfing; the attitude, imagination and wider mindset of the surfer, and the riding of life’s waves,” and is complemented by photography by surf photographer Jon Frank.

Wind on the waterReview

I didn’t finish reading this book. To be honest I didn’t even make it through one short story. It’s not that it’s not beautifully written, I just got bored. I wasn’t sure what I expected but I expected more. Having said that, it probably is a good read, and would make an excellent gift for an older surfer. Oh, and the pictures are awesome.

Editor’s Note

I did read this book and found the stories somewhat bizarre. Jack Finlay certainly has a good imagination. These are not your typical surf stories but they would undoubtedly appeal to your local surfing hippy! – Ed

The good
• Nice photos
• Short stories that only take about 10 minutes each to read – pick up and put down as you like.
• Good for getting back in touch with the deeper side of surfing.

The not so good
• Pure escapism rather than anything that will expand your horizons, i.e., no hands-on stuff: this is the philosophical side of surfing.

Fact file

What Wind on the Water and other surf stories
Who Jack Finlay and Jon Frank
RRP $29.99

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