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Hakuna Wear is a surf brand based in California, USA. They make bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, boardshorts, surf suits (thick swimsuits for women) and a range of apparel.

Their unique selling point is a commitment to sustainability. Looking after the environment and using sustainable materials is one part of their mission but they take this further through active involvement in their community and by supporting a range of organisations like Groundswell and Surfaid. Hakuna Wear even host an event called Coffee-by-the-Sea, every Friday, where they provide free coffee while visitors get to support worthy causes.

Needless to say, I was excited about testing Hakuna Wear products.

Volcanoes Side-Tie Recycled Boardshorts

The Volcanoes Side-Tie Recycled Boardshorts are purpose-designed for surfers and manufactured in California.

The fabric is super stretchy, which is remarkable considering that they are made from recycled plastic water bottles. We’ve tested out other boardshorts made from recycled plastics and they tended to be quite stiff and unforgiving. The Volcanoes are on par with Hurley Phantoms, which are not made from recycled materials.

Video Review

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Using the Side-Tie

The side-tie on these boardshorts is nothing short of revolutionary. Strings and belts designed to keep trousers tight around the waist are an ancient invention, with evidence of belts being worn since the bronze age. Boardshorts simply inherited this design feature and surfers lived with the discomfort of paddling on top of a knotted drawstring.

The best inventions are the ones we didn’t realise we needed – that’s where the side-tie comes in. Jessica Boynton, designer and CEO at Hakuna Wear, has deconstructed board shorts and reassembled them, taking into account the functionality a surfer actually needs. Do we need a drawstring? Absolutely – without the ability to tighten our shorts they will undoubtedly get washed away by a rogue set wave. So how about we keep that functionality but move it to the side.

Fastening the side-tie is quick and easy. The first couple of times feels unintuitive because the brain is unused to tying a knot over the left hip. But you soon forget and the whole process happens effortlessly.

The real benefit of the side-tie is that the shorts are completely smooth under the abdomen while paddling. No more lumps and bumps in the nether regions.

Slim fit

The Volcanoes board shorts are slim fit and the lightweight fabric provides plenty of flexibility while riding waves. In my extensive testing I never once felt restricted by the shorts. In fact, I forgot all about them, which is the hallmark of a truly effective product.


My other favourite aspect of the Volcanoes – besides the side-tie – is the cosmic design. My pair are the Galaxy Blue model. If stars and galaxies are your thing then you’ll love the design too. Hakuna Wear also offer the Volcanoes model in plain black and there is another model called the Punalu’u boardshorts, available in Storm Grey and Hibiscus.

All of these shorts are suitable for men and women.

From Hakuna Wear

This Volcanoes Board Short is built for your active lifestyle with a revolutionary side tie for comfort when paddling. 6×8″ side pocket with key loop and rainbow stitching detail. Performance 4-Way stretch, quick-dry, and light-weight woven fabric made from recycled water bottles.

  • Sustainable fabric made from recycled ocean plastic and water bottles.
  • Rinse in cold water after use and hang dry.
  • 18″ inseam
  • Performance 4-way stretch
  • Quick dry
  • 50+ UPF
  • Made responsibly in California


I am stoked with these shorts. They’re light, flexible and comfortable. For a while, I have been lamenting the lack of innovation in the surf industry and the side-tie is a breath of fresh air.

The use of recycled materials makes these shorts a top choice for surfers who value both quality and sustainability.

Buy them on the Hakuna Wear website.

Hakuna Wear Boardshorts Review
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