Shepps Gnarwall Multi-Board Rack Review


Shepps Solutions are a Toronto-based company who specialise in creating innovative and sustainable solutions to everyday problems. We reviewed their surfboard hanger and liked it so much we decided to try out their multi-board racks.

If you’re like us, you probably have a surfboard area in your house that gets a bit messy. Leaning boards against each other can result in an expensive game of surfboard dominos when one falls down and brings the others along for the ride. Laying boards in and around your garage gets messy and home-made racks often don’t look great. My own home-made racks were a bit wonky so we were excited to install the rather slick looking Gnarwall multi-board rack system.

The racks are made from sustainably sourced Baltic Birch. The dimensions are 24″(60cm) wide with approx. 3″(7.5cm) between arms. Arms protrude 12″(30cm). Our instruction manual was for a double rack but we figured it out for the single version – it is not hard.

Installation of the racks

Geniya is the DIY person in my house. Enjoy the video below where she unboxes and installs the surfboard racks.

Installation is easy:

  1. Choose a location
  2. Drill through the screw holes
  3. Screw the rack to the wall
  4. Cover the screw with the adhesive black pad
  5. Click the arms into your preferred configuration
  6. Load your boards
  7. Secure with the rope


The rack arms click easily into place and they are not overly rigid. There is some give so that boards rest easily into position. The rope feels a little fiddly at first but you figure out the technique after a few attempts.

I’m delighted with the rack. It has transformed a very messy corner into a surfboard showcase that is both functional and visually appealing.

Shepps make a range of other solutions that are well worth checking out on their site at

Shepps Gnarwall Multi-Board Rack Review
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