Rheos Eddies sunglasses: form meets function

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Previously on Surfd.com, we reviewed the Rheos Bahias floating sunglasses. Those innovative shades feature nylon optics, which are remarkably sharp, flexible, and protective.

As fans of the Rheos brand, we jumped at the opportunity to check out another model in the line-up – the Rheos Eddies.

The Eddies are, in my opinion, the suave older brother to the Bahias. The snug wraparound model effectively shields eyes from stray rays and sideward sunshine. This makes them perfect for people who spend extended periods engaged in challenging activities, especially involving highly reflective surfaces such as water and snow.

While providing this level of protection usually means sacrificing shape and style – the Eddies strike a perfect balance. They actually look good. They’re not too boxy or rugged and they’re not too sporty. You could wear them while riding your old log on a summer day – or at a wedding. This makes them perfect for someone who is always ready for action.

Why do you need floating sunglasses?

While surfers are yet to widely adopt sunglasses while in the water, we predict that the time is coming. Our eyes get ravaged by the harsh environments where waves break. Midday can be cruel on the iris, even with a surf hat. Dawn and dusk can be so bright that you drop down a wave and can hardly see the wall.

You’d probably not wear sunnies in serious waves unless you have some sort of strap, but even then you’re probably going to lose them. Surf hats and shades are unfortunately not quite ready for heavy surf conditions. Perhaps a Gath helmet with a tinted visor is the best option for big wave chargers. Or a pair of goggles?

If do decide to wear shades while surfing, the least you can do is choose a pair that floats! For playful conditions, we grab a pair of Rheos without hesitation. Lose ‘em (which we did) and you’ll soon find them floating nearby.

Hydrophobia is good – for sunglasses

Hydrophobia is a fear of water. This is a good thing for sunglass lenses. In addition to repelling water, the Rheos Eddies are saltwater and scratch-resistant. They’re also 100% protective against UV and fully polarized. So you could say they’re Photophobic as well…

Style options

The Rheos Eddies are available in seven flavors including tortoiseshell and gunmetal frames and emerald, marine, amber, and gunmetal lens options. We chose gunmetal frames with marine lenses for an understated, classic look.

Lens technology

For those of you interested in the science behind the design, read on. The lenses are rated for 120 hours of continuous exposure to humidity and saltwater, which is the highest in the industry. The marine option we selected has a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rating of 12%. They’re designed to improve color perception and we particularly like how blue and green shades remain natural but bright whites (like clouds or glare) are toned down to an almost brownish color. Walking in nature with the Eddies was great – you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the colors of a forest, for example.

Getting even more technical, Rheos have proven that their nylon optics are clearer than glass. Abbe Value measures the lens material’s dispersion of light or clarity. The higher the number the clearer the lens. A lens with a low abbe value creates a higher dispersion and can cause unwanted optical distortion. A lens with a high abbe value has a lower value of chromatic aberration, which in turn creates less blurriness and optical distortion. Dispersion occurs due to the fact that the lens is unable to focus all visible colors into one focal point. Rheos lenses were tested by a third-party lab and with an abbe value of 52 they exceed the clarity of glass lenses.


The Rheos Eddies are super lightweight, flexible, and constructed using cutting-edge tech. If you want to protect yourself while surfing small waves then we recommend grabbing a pair of these $55 shades from the Rheos online store. They come with a silky pouch that doubles as a lens cleaner. If you enjoy other water or outdoor activities, these are a no-brainer. They’re versatile, sharp, they float and wrap around your dome to keep bright light away from your eyeballs.

Rheos Eddies sunglasses: form meets function
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