Company Profile: Firewire Surfboards

Founded in 2006 by Nev Hyman, Firewire Surfboards were the first global surfboard manufacturer to introduce 100% EPS/Epoxy construction.

Firewire Surboards continue to push the boundaries of surfboard construction. Another vitally important aspect of Firewire is their claim that their construction methods cause much less harm to the environment. Reports suggest around fifty times less Volatile Organic Compounds are produced, compared to traditional Polyurethane surfboard. Firewire surfboards are also considerably more durable, as we know longevity is one of the keys to sustainability.

Firewire have an insane range of models available, from the shortest fish to longboard cruisers. If you’re not considering a Firewire as your next surfboard, we recommend you look again.

History of Firewire Surfboards

When was the company founded?

Firewire Surfboards was founded in 1975. It was then called Nev Surfboards.

In 1975 Nev started Odyssey Surfboards in Perth, West Australia. After some traveling Nev changed its name to Nev Surfboards in 1981.

Where was it founded?

Firewire Surfboards was founded in Western Australia.

Who were the founders?

Nev Hyman is the founder of Firewire Surfboards.

Why was it founded?

Surfing and surfboard building was in Nev Hyman’s DNA and he has given a lot to this amazing sport.

Any other important people who contributed to success?

Bert Berger introduced Nev Hyman to his high-tech, handmade surfboard that included balsa rails, and high-density composite top and bottom.

Dan Mann is one of the designers of Firewire Surfboards using a 2D program called AKU shaper.

Company mission, vision and values

What does the company believe in?

  • The mission and vision is to improve the surfing experience as much as possible while impacting the environment as little as possible.
  • Firewire Surfboards have almost the same core values as Kekoa Collective which carries Firewires in their store. These are the  core values are maximum fun and minimum environment impact.

The Company Today

Who is the CEO?

Mark Price is the CEO of Firewire Surfboards.

How many staff do they have?

Firewire has over 250 employees around the world, including a wholly owned, state of the art manufacturing facility in Thailand and currently does business in over 30 countries.

How much revenue do they earn?

Estimated revenue of Firewire Surfboards is $2 Million.

Where are they located?

Firewire headquarters is located in 2270 Cosmos Ct, Ste 120, Carlsbad, California, 92011, United States.

Do they have a foundation / non-for-profit arm?

The company does not have a foundation or non-profit-arm.

Which products do they specialize in?

Firewire specializes in shortboards, mid lengths, longboards, kiteboards, accessories like fins, traction, leashes and boardbags, apparel like tees , fleece and hats.

Any interesting quotes from executives or ambassadors?

One of the joys of running Firewire has been working with old friends and ex-pro surfers from the ASP ‘olden’ days – before the WSL – like Hiromichi Soeda, our long-standing Japanese distributor who has nurtured Firewire in Japan for the past 10 years. At 60 years of age, Hiromichi-san still rides a HP shortboard and drives off the bottom like someone half his age – a true inspiration.

Firewire CEO, Mark Price

When you first see a photo of yourself in a magazine, you kinda just stare at it. You’re like, ‘Yup. That’s the real one. That’s me.’ And it’s somewhere you wanted to always be — it’s kind of nerve-wracking.

Timmy Reyes

To catch a wave, to stand up – it was just life-changing. There was nothing that even came close. I quit playing all other sports – by the time I was eleven, they were toast.

Rob Machado

The Ambassadors

Who is sponsored by the company?

Anthony Spencer, Quinten Rubalcava, Sam Hammer, Bo Raynor, Tristan Thompson, Kai Martin, Rosie Smart, Brodi Sale, Sierra Kerr, Finn McGill, Timmy Reyes, Eric Geiselman, Rob Machado, Michel Bourez, Gavin Gillette, Pacha Light, Stuey Kennedy, Felix Pivec, Taylor, Jensen, Tristan Sullaway, Jackson Dorian, Kelly Slater

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Do they produce any eco-friendly products or have a sustainability focus?

Campaigns and Partnerships

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