Silhouette of a people walking on beach at dusk. Men and women walking on beach at sunset carrying surfboards.

What do surfers wear?

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Surfing is a subculture that tends towards certain styles of clothing and apparel. While non-surfers might associate surf fashion with Matthew McConaughey in Surfer Dude, chances are that your local surfers are nothing like such stereotypes.

Most surfers at least wear shirts, sometimes

If you are interested in the evolution of surfer style or surf brands then Surfd is the right place for you. Recently, we asked the question, ”What do surfer girls wear?” and the article received a lot of interest. Some of our readers followed up by asking, “What do surfers wear?”

This article provides some of our favourite surfer looks, based on location: beach, day wear and evening fashion.

Surfer clothing is no longer limited to boardshorts and a pair of flip flops. In 2022 surfers can look good whether cruising, boozing or being a modern lounge lizard.

Beach wear for surfers

Our beach collection is all about performance. Below we feature summer gear that will keep you protected from the sun, yet loose and flexible. We prioritise sustainable options.

1.Men’s R1® Lite Yulex® Front-Zip Long-Sleeved Top by Patagonia

2. Apex Trunks by Kelly Slater by Outerknown

3. Surf Hat – Shallow Sea by Kaiola

4. Surf Watch by Rip Curl

5. Fanning Flip flops by Reef

6. Zinc by We Are Feel Good Inc

Day wear for surfers

Not a boardshort in sight! Check out our dapper look for surfers who want to exude a casual style with an undertone of readiness for anything. The colors are muted, which makes the Dragon sunnies pop. We love Outerknown gear – it lasts forever and stays as ready as you are.

1. The Jam Sunglasses by Dragon

2. Chroma Blanket Shirt by Outerknown

3. Cusion Skimmer WC by Reef

4. Lightweight Merino Daily Crew Socks by Patagonia

5. T-shirt by Volcom

6. Jeans Ambassador Slim Fit by Outerknown

Night fashion for surfers

if you’ve ever been to a nightclub in Bali you’ll know that fashion is not a priority for surfers on tour. However, as surfing adopted new levels of sophistication, many asked the question: what if surfers could be both errant free thinkers and rebels with a sense of style? Stab Magazine was born.

We’ve designed an evening look for surfers that expresses sophistication first and surfing second. If you look closely enough you’ll see a REEF or Outerknown logo scattered around but the rest is understated. For those tracking their steps yet not wanting to wear a Fitbit on the dancefloor, the Oura ring is a low key flex that says: I care about health metrics but don’t care for push notifications.

1. Brown Leather Belt by Fossil

2. Socks by Stance

3. Deckhand 3 Shoes by Reef

4. Sojourn Pocket Tee by Outerknown

5. Fort Chino Pants by Outerknown

6. Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Trifold Wallet by Timberland

7. Braided Genuine Leather Bracelet by Geoffrey Beene

8. Ring by Oura

9. Hair Styling Gel with Ginseng and Eucalyptus by Giovanni

What do you think? Which surfer look would you choose?