Surf Videos

Surf videos present us with the creative vision of surf directors, while showcasing the athletic flair and attitude of the talent: our favourite surfers.

Whether you’re into old school rock films with heavy wipeout clips and bad behaviour, or new school soul surfing with melodic soundtracks and poetry, you’ll find a broad selection here on Surfd.

We also publish select video clips, from Alana Blanchard to Castles in the Sky – and everything in between.

Check out a selection of surfing video clips below.

Surfing Siberia

Russia is probably on less people's surfing bucket lists than pretty much anywhere on our planet. Even Russians quickly declare that there is no surf back home....

Russian Surfer Girls

I feel qualified to talk about Russian surfer girls. I made a baby surfer with one of them, after all. There's way more to Russian surfer girls than perfect ...

Teahupo’o by Drone

Drones are generally an annoyance, shattering the peace of otherwise perfect days with their incessant high-pitched whining. Usually strapped to some tool of HD...